Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Alert: Major ProSystem Fx Flaw

ProSystem fx has been transmitting tax returns unencrypted. This means that the potential for your SSN number and other personal information to have been captured is relatively high. This time of year the bad guys are out looking for mistakes like this. If you or your accountant is uses ProSystem Fx software please be sure to read the following bulletin and update the software immediately. Any transmission to or from California residents may have to be reported.

ELF Transmission Issue
Reported on: 04/08/2008
Please be aware that our latest release, ProSystem fx v. 2007.05050, which was available for download on 4/4/08, allows e-file returns to be transmitted without the added security of an 'HTTPS' transmission. This issue only affects transmissions from your office to us, not from CCH servers to the IRS. We have addressed this issue with 2007.05051, now available for download. Please download this release to ensure your e-file transmissions have the highest possible security.
To further ensure your firm's security, we have also turned off port 80 'HTTP' transmissions. By doing so, this will prevent users from uploading e-file returns to CCH. Users will continue to receive an error message when trying to upload e-file returns until your firm downloads v. 2007.05051 and thereby resumes 'HTTPS' transmissions.
Please note that this does NOT affect Global fx users; it only affects those clients who downloaded release 2007.05050.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. If you have any questions, please call support at 1-800-739-9998, option 3, then 1.

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