Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Alternative to Adobe Reader

In response to multiple and continuing problems with Adobe software causing our clients computers to hang, run slowly, experience extremely slow printing, application crashes, etc. we sought out and found an alternative to Adobe Acrobat Reader that we are now ready to recommend to you.

It's called FoxIT Reader and like Acrobat its free.


Things I like about the product aren't its features. The feature set isn't unique. The problem this software solves is performance and updating. Adobe have been pushing out additional junk software with the Acrobat updates. We don't need more junk on our computers! With FoxIT, you get FoxIT and that's it. Another non-feature that I like is its footprint. It's small. The installation for Acrobat Reader is 21MB or more depending upon how many of the add-ons you fail to tell them you don't want. The FoxIT installation package is 2.1MB. Correspondingly you'll find that because it is smaller it performs better.

We don't plan to roll-out FoxIT Reader in mass to our clients. Rather when you experience problems with Adobe we'll recommend that you change at that time. So if you think that you're having problems let your technician know so we can get you switched over to FoxIT.


See the blog online: http://smalltechnotes.blogspot.com



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