Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Angry Mob Installs Rogue Software on Your Network

There's an angry mob installing software on your network without the permission of you or your IT department. They go by the names Google, Adobe and Java and they disguise themselves as updates.

Google has started to offer Google Apps as a Google toolbar update. Adobe is offering Safari, an Internet Browser replacement as an update when you have Acrobat reader installed. Java is offering Open Office if you have the Java client installed.

It's a conspiracy against good networking principles. The purpose of pushing unrelated software as an update is to circumvent IT and company management. Both are deemed responsible for the slow adoption of these products in the business world. (never mind that they lack features and security) So now that they've turned from software into Malware and threaten to introduce instability, higher maintenance costs and impede the function of our businesses, should be we greet them any differently?

We will be looking into ways to prevent these "updates" from loading onto your computers. In the meantime, please be very careful when installing updates for Google, Adobe and Java and let us know if you've already been infected.

p.s. Sorry for so many blog posts lately. It's been a busy week for odd network behavior.

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