Monday, March 17, 2008

Windows 2008, SQL 2008 Launch Tomorrow - Limited Availability

Tomorrow (Tuesday) the staff of Harbor Computer Services completes its training on the next version of Windows 2008. Microsoft is holding their official launch event for Windows 2008, SQL 2008 and Visual Studio 2008. We'll be attending sessions all day long down at the RenCen. Our main focus will be Window 2008 since this will effect all of our clients eventually and SQL 2008 isn't due to hit the streets until very late this year.

In August, we started our training with 32 hours of evening time meeting at our main office training on this product. There's a lot to learn. To me the move from IP v.4 to IP v.6 and from 32-bit applications to 64-bit applications is as dramatic a change as DOS was to Windows. The learning curve on our end is very steep that's why we started so early. Being successful in IT is all about learning and rolling with the changes. Don't keep up and we'd be dinosaurs in a few short years.

In addition to the training event, Scott and I will be staffing a booth sponsored by Culminis to promote our IT business group. This group, called Small and Medium Business Technology Network (SMBTN), is an organization dedicated to helping IT firms become better business people, develop partnerships with each other and vendors. We discuss and train on how to run our businesses better. Sure we're all great technical people but as business owners many lack skills. We started this group last year and gathered up 75 members. We're hoping to have a few more after this event. Are we training our competition? Yes, I suppose we are. But anything that benefits the profession as a whole will also benefit us. And every time I speak or listen to a speaker I learn something. 

Because of this training event we'll all have limited availability tomorrow. We'll have our cell phones but we'll only be able to respond to calls in between sessions and we'll have very limited access to the Internet. Your cooperation and understanding tomorrow is greatly appreciated. It's events like this that help keep us able to efficiently solve networking issues and stay on top of our game. Thank you for your continued support.



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