Friday, March 21, 2008

Email Problems: Non-Delivered Email to SBCGlobal, AT&T, PacBell, BellSouth and others

Currently much of the email sent to addresses using AT&T, SBC, PacBell, BellSouth and others managed by AT&T are not being delivered. The failed delivery is not consistent, is not the fault of your mail server and you are not on a blacklist as indicated in the email. The problem is being reported by all of our colleagues, all over the Country.

Here is an example of what the bounce back message will look like. on 3/21/2008 9:59 AM
  The message cannot be delivered due to a configuration error on the server. Please contact your Administrator.
  < #5.3.0 smtp;553 5.3.0 flpi094,DNSBL:521 ATTRBL To request removal of, YourIPAddress, send the complete error message in an E-mail to>

If you receive any of these messages please send them to your technician so we can confirm that they are part of this known issue.

This problem has been occurring for more than a week but has recently gotten worse. At the start of the incident, some mail would go through but not all. At this time it appears that no email is going through, including email to the address listed in the bounce back email as the contact address. A call to SBC has been made and we were told to just wait, this is a known issue that they are working on but there is no estimated time for a resolution to the problem.



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