Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Traveling: Redmond for remainder of week

A quick FYI to all that I will be out of the office and working in Redmond, Washington for the rest of the week.

I have been hired by GrandMasters for a gig helping Microsoft determine what should be included in the curriculum for Essential Business Server training. This will become the training program that all IT people wishing to become experts and/or certified in the product will study. I will be traveling 1 week a month for the next several months.

If you need to reach me the best way will be via email. I'll be on pacific time.

What is Essential Business Server? It's a new server suite much like SBS only it contains either 3 or 4 separate servers. It is designed for firms in the 25-250 PC range. We've been building networks that look very much like the EBS server for years. Microsoft has finally caught on to what we've been doing and is now building it for us. There are some nice management advantages to having a pre-built suite of servers. The cost for maintaining those boxes will decrease because each is designed with the other in mind. Most importantly larger businesses can now gain the benefits that small business have had over them with small business server.

The EBS suite releases later this year.



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