Monday, March 03, 2008

Quickbooks: Use the Accountant's Copy to Transfer Files Securely

The Quickbooks Accountant's Copy has seen major improvements in 2008. So please start using it to transfer your Quickbooks file to your CPA. If your CPA balks, then ask them to take a closer look at Quickbooks 2008 and they'll see that it provides them with all of the data that they need and it will keep your data secure while in transmission. There is simply too much valuable information in these Quickbooks files to have them sent as an unencrypted attachment to an email. Once you have created the Accountant's copy you'll need to inform your CPA of what the encryption password is. You could call them or you could send it in a separate email.

Encryption for email attachments of all types is becoming a more important tool in protecting information from the bad guys. They are finding it easier to pluck an attachment off of an email as it floats over the web than to break through your firewall. I expect to see better email encryption methods to come into all attachments very soon.

Step one, choose the file transfer process

Step 2 - choose the cut off date that the accountant can post entries to

Step 3 - enter the email address information

Step 4 -- create a strong password for the encryption

Step 5 -- Ensure that it's a strong password

Step 6 -- QB will begin the process

Step 7 -- the email will be created and sent

Step 8 --  the file will be transferred

Step 9 -- the email will be received by the accountant



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