Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Email and Website Problems Likely

Yesterday morning we noticed some problems with email delivery with a couple of our clients. The caused was determined to be unreachable DNS records. Many of you have your DNS records hosted with the largest DNS hosting solution, Network Solutions. Being the largest they are a favorite target but fortunately due to the redundant nature of their servers they are usually able to fend off the attacks. However the current attack is much more significant.

As a result we will see:

  • Email delayed or undeliverable
  • Websites that are unreachable

This problem can occur with your email or website or also with the person or company that you are trying to reach. There is not a thing that we can do about it, except wait. We are keeping an eye on the developments and if there comes a point where we feel that a move needs to be made we will do so.

Network Solutions has been keeping us informed of their progress in the fight against the hackers via twitter and facebook.

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Monday, June 20, 2011

Harbor Featured for Backup Expertise

Harbor Computer Services is being featured by Symform as an expert in offsite Internet based backup services. We have been involved with Symform and other online backup companies since the concept first came to light. Over time we have refined the process for moving data offsite for secure storage. Owing to security and bandwidth challenges, online data storage is a difficult problem to solve with grace and reliability. We’re pleased that Symform, a provider of Internet backup services, considers us an expert on this topic worthy of featuring in Channel Pro Magazine this month.


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June 2011

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Security in the Spot Light

This week has brought forth the following security breaches.

  • Sony
  • LockHeed Martin
  • RSA SecureID
  • International Monetary Fund
  • CIA
  • Citibank

An excerpt from yesterday’s hearing: Testifying before members of the U.S. Congress in confirmation hearings to become the next Secretary of Defense, Panetta said a large-scale cyber attack on critical infrastructure such as the power grid, financial sector or the government could amount in the next "Pearl Harbor," and that such an event is now a "real possibility."

Now I’m not one to put on my tin foil hat often and say that we’re under attack. But we are and we can expect it to increase. Some of these attacks are suspected retaliation for the StuxNet attack that has crippled the Iranian nuclear program. Israel and the USA are generally considered the ones behind this attack. Once this Pandora's box has been opened there’s no closing it and in as many words that is what our next Security of Defense, and current Director of the Central Intelligence Agency said at yesterday’s hearing.

So how do we protect ourselves from becoming a causality of a war that doesn’t use guns or bombs? A new type of shelter is required.

  • Great Firewall that protects the edge from all angles
  • Staff education on how not to get sucked into scams that result in security breaches
  • Redundancy for Internet dependent business critical functions
  • Careful password development and management
  • Limited recreational Internet use at work

I think that we can consider this our new reality. This is not just another temporary flare in activity so on going awareness will be required. Be careful out there.

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A new Baby

Many of your have had an opportunity to meet our new technician, Matt. He’s been with us for about a month now.

Today Matt and his wife welcome a new addition to their family, Dominic Matthew DeNoyer.


Congratulations to Matt and Shawna!


Wednesday, June 08, 2011

NASA reports major geomagnetic flare–expect outages

This morning NASA reported that the sun has released an enormous flare that will disrupt satellite communications and cause the rerouting or cancellation of air flights. Solar flares release magnetic energy which when it collides with the Earth’s magnetic field causes electrical interference. Should you expect these possibilities for the next 48 hours:

  • Difficult cell phone communications
  • Slow Internet
  • GPS inaccuracy

These events are expected to begin occurring about Noon today.


Friday, June 03, 2011

Introducing Matt DeNoyer

I am pleased to welcome Matt DeNoyer to Harbor Computer Services. Matt started with us a little over a month ago now and has been making great strides in learning the high standards to which we adhere.

You may have met him already. He’s been shadowing Ted and Diana in their daily client visits. I have also been training him on performing maintenance, working remotely and becoming familiar with the range of products that you depend upon.

Matt comes from a manufacturing background, starting on the shop floor and moving into IT. He recently completed his degree. He’s the father of one with another expected to arrive in a couple of weeks.

He is ready to take on responsibility for your computer network and as such I will begin to assign some of our clients to him. We will have an orderly transition plan from your current consultant to Matt. Diana or Ted will work closely with him to make sure he is aware of the particulars of your network. If your support will be in transition I will send you a special email detailing the particulars, scheduling a meeting and providing Matt contact information to you. We will be working as a team to make the transitions smooth.

I appreciate everyone’s support of us during this growth phase.

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Thursday, June 02, 2011

Windows 8: Wow, just Wow

Yesterday Microsoft released a video showing a preview of Windows 8. This is the first time that a preview of the user interface has been released to the public. It’s a WOW. It’s also scary. It’s the kind of leap that we made when we went from Windows 3.1 to Windows 95. Since 95 the Windows desktop has remained pretty much the same. Well, say goodbye to the well loved desktop and hello to the world of touch and tiles.