Monday, May 12, 2008

Limited Availability Today

Just a quick heads up announcement that you may find that we are a bit slow to respond today. We have you covered and we'll get back as quickly as possible, but our staff is going to be a bit scrambled today so you may not be working with your regular technician.

Diana is in Chicago today receiving training on Response Point VOIP phone system. She'll be back at work tomorrow. This will conclude the training on Response Point that we started in November. We've purchased a unit for ourselves and will be installing it in the new office. Look for the next newsletter to tell you more about this inexpensive and powerful phone system specifically designed for small business.

Ted will be off for paternity leave this week. His wife gave birth on Saturday morning to their 3rd son, Grayson. Ted will be checking voicemail and email on occasion but anything important should be directed to Scott, Diana or me.

Scott and Amy are back from New Orleans. We attended an IT Pro conference over the weekend focused on handling the massive change that is underway in the world of IT. Sessions were presented on how we can help you prepare of the rapid and dramatic change that is about to occur and how we have to adjust our business to prepare for those changes as well.

With a little bit of patience we should be able to cover anything that occurs. Fortunately your networks are well taken care of and rarely present us a crisis. You should have all contact information for each of us. If you do not, please let me know and I will send it directly to you.



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