Saturday, March 01, 2008

Raising Money for Breast Cancer Research in Unexpected Ways

This weekend we've been busy demolishing out our new office space. It's the basement of my "new" 58 year old house. Covered in knotty pine, glued on ceiling tiles and complete with wet bar, we stripped out the whole thing to the bare cinder block and studs using precision tools like crowbar, hammer and mini sledge. We got covered in dust and we had pretty good time!

We filled about 1 1/2 dumpters and in the process helped raise a bit of money for breast cancer research.

"All Waste joins the battle against breast cancer and supports those who have been affected by the disease.In tribute to Breast Cancer National Awareness Month, All Waste has painted a selection of our dumpsters pink, along with adorning a pink ribbon, to pay homage to finding a cure.  A portion of All Waste's proceeds will go to The Susan Love Research Foundation, focused on eradicating this disease during our lifetime."


This was our dumpster. Think the neighbors noticed?


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