Monday, May 18, 2009

Request for Assistance

We need you to help test a new extremely economical backup system. We are looking for volunteers. There is no risk and it will not disrupt you current backup. If you are interested please contact either Amy or your technician.

Harbor Computer Services has entered into a beta testing agreement with Symform. I had the pleasure of meeting the brains at Symform on my last trip to Seattle. They asked to meet with me and all I was able to give them was 30 minutes in the hotel lobby while I waited to catch my shuttle to my flight home. What I saw in those 30 minutes absolutely blew me away.

Symform has create a completely revolutionary means of economically storing your backup off-site over the Internet. They have developed a system that completely eliminates the expense, risk and slow recovery time. I believe that their backup system will not just introduce the market to a new backup method but that it will disrupt and rock the establishment.

In order to properly test this new backup method we need to have at least 10 of our clients use it. We do not have to change anything about your current backup system, so there is no risk. The current backup will remain unchanged and will continue to work.

The only investment required is a USB drive that can remain attached to the server at all times. If you already own one, then we can use it; if you don’t one would need to be purchased. This test will run until September and there will be no service fee.

If our testing succeeds, then the price we expect to be able to offer for unlimited off-site backup of your data is $30 per month per server and $6 per month per workstation. Until now, we’ve not been able to touch off-site backup for less than $3 per GB. If you have 100GB of data, that’s $300 a month. See why I think this is going to rock the establishment?

Since there is no risk I hope that many of you will choose to participate. Please let us know as soon as possible.



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