Wednesday, May 13, 2009

New Remote Support Connection

Harbor Computer Services has changed remote support products. We will now be using NTR Global. NTR Global provides the same support opportunities that the previous solution did, plus a few additional features on the management end.

We have also taken in some feedback from clients that the previous URL for support was difficult to type. Previously we used the website provided by the support software, this time we have integrated it into our own website and purchased a shorter URL for you.

The URL for our support page is now This is where you will enter in the code that your technician provides to you to allow them into your computer. Upon entering the code, an installation of the remote client will occur. When the session ends, the remote client is automatically uninstalled from your computer. This secures your computer and prevents remote access without your permission.

When you visit the site you will notice that it is actually just another tab on our corporate website,

We hope that this integration will make it easier for you to use.



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