Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Amy named to the GFI Elite Technology Team

Amy Babinchak and 12 others have been named to the GFI Elite Technology Team. (www.gfi.com) The Elite Technology Team is an international advisory board put into place to advise GFI as it repositions, markets and develops its product for the SMB space.

I’m very excited about this opportunity. Harbor Computer Services always makes a BIG effort to develop relationships with the major software vendors that our clients use and depend on. We believe that having a deep relationship within those companies results in the production of better software for our clients. Our weekly meetings with the CEO and other top management have proven to me that this company really wants to understand and meet the needs of the small business market. We’re in our second month of ETT meetings and action is already being taken by the various departments to make the changes that we’ve suggested. 

Bravo to GFI for creating the ETT. They are embodying the best of what we know software can be. I’m honored to be a member.

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