Friday, April 10, 2009

DreamSpark for Students

Bill Gates was the keynote speaker at this years Government Leader Forum. It’s one of those public-private partnerships. In his address he announced a huge new initiative: DreamSpark.

DreamSpark will provide any student with free Microsoft development software. The offering includes everything from web site, to SQL, to Game Studio. Then it goes one step further and offers vouchers for the certification exams that go along with each product so the student can prove they know what they know.

Bill Gates has always complained that there aren’t enough skilled developers. And he’s always preferred to hire people that are creative, and not necessarily holding degrees in computer science. That’s because software and website development is part skill and part art. If you aren’t an artist you’ll never be a good developer. It takes vision and creativity.

Students can sign up themselves but it would be better if the school they are going to participated in the program too. Here’s where they sign up.

Looking to sign your school up for DreamSpark?
DreamSpark High School provides professional level development and design tools to students enrolled in an accredited, secondary educational institutions at no charge. Register now and give your students access to all the great software and training DreamSpark offers.




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