Thursday, May 14, 2009

Free Backup Software for Home

You may recall that a few months ago, I announced that I was serving on the Elite Technology Team (ETT) with GFI Security, Inc. The ETT is a board of advisors to the CEO and management team at GFI. As part of that effort and through the on-going changes and improvement at GFI as it relates to small and medium business, they acquired a company that produced backup software. The first release of this product under GFI, is a free version for home use.  

To assist home PC users in these troubled economic times and to help them understand the importance of data backups, GFI Software today announced the release of a free version of its newly-developed backup and recovery software GFI Backup 2009 – Home Edition. Perfect for home users, GFI Backup 2009 will allow all PC users to safeguard their precious memories in the form of pictures, video, Office documents and any files on the computer.

There will be a future edition of this product for small businesses. In the mean time you can use this version for free at home.

Get it here:

I recommend that you backup your home PC to a USB drive.

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