Monday, February 23, 2009

HCS Wins MS Partner Award

Today we were informed that Microsoft has chosen to recognize us for our outstanding growth in the last quarter of 2008. Everyone here pulled together to make that happen and it was certainly a lot of work.

Congratulations!! Harbor Computer Service is being recognized as the winner of the Heartland Area Partner VAR Open Growth Award. This award recognizes you for your strong contributions to Microsoft.

As an award winner you will receive an award with inscription of your partner organization name, and category of the award. 

To be honest what allowed this to happen was actually Microsoft themselves. They put forth some promotions like they always do. I talked to our TPAM (telephone partner account manager…telephone because she’s in the Dakotas somewhere so we never get to see her) and told her what we wanted to do. She set us up with Microsoft’s local marketing team and then we ran our plan with both of them helping us along the way. We had them help us build quotes, they ran a seminar for us, they answered our questions constantly and in general supported us all the way. They were great cheer leaders too.

We really appreciate their support of our little business. Thanks, Microsoft team.



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