Saturday, December 20, 2008

Quickbooks Pro 2009 - Free Monday Only

To help small business owners grow and run their companies, Intuit will offer the Windows version of QuickBooks Pro 2009 for free* at all Staples stores on Monday, Dec. 22, for one day only.

Why? This effort originally started out as a small test, but Intuit decided to expand the offer. Intuit wants to help small businesses through tough economic times.

The Meaning of "Free"

It works like this:

  • The regular price at Staples is $199.99.
  • The customer will receive $40 in instant savings.
  • The customer at the store will receive a $159.99 mail-in rebate form.
  • When the customer mails in the rebate form they will receive, some weeks later, a rebate for $159.99.
  • Once the customer obtains the rebate, their base costs are zero: $199.99 - $40.00 - $159.99 = $0.
  • The buyer may still be responsible for sales tax at the time of purchase; sales tax is not free.

Here is a link to the promotional advertisement.

You can find the nearest Staples store at com or buy on-line. I would recommend getting there early. There's bound to be a line.

Learn more about Quickbooks Pro 2009.

Client Data Review in QuickBooks 2009 saves you hours of drudgery by automating many aspects of clean-up chores. Learn more here.



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