Monday, January 05, 2009

Teaching at Baker College

I will be teaching a course a Baker College in Auburn Hills this winter in ISA. In addition to the prescribed curriculum I intend to bring real world experience into the classroom. So students will learn not just the what, but also why and when to apply a particular security solution. ISA is a very flexible product as such it can be used as a club or with finesse. :) I hope that the students will leave the classroom with a sense that not only is ISA a great firewall but it is a great business tool as well.

I'm really looking forward to helping bring qualified IT people into the area in the hope that they will be able to think "business" as they apply their IT solution. The market is currently flooded with bad IT people that either want to put every business into the same mold, have skills that are far out of date or have no head for business what so ever. In this little way, I hope to change that.



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