Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Alert: Web Surfing

I received this from Microsoft on the recently discovered vulnerability in Internet Explorer. The issue is caused by insecure websites being hijacked and loaded with malware. It's a serious flaw that makes this possible but the good news is that, so far, if you stick to business websites then you'll be safe.

The new IE exploits for Advisory 961051, now hosted on pornography sites

Two days ago, we blogged about attacks that involve exploits of the recently discovered vulnerability in Internet Explorer. We would like to give you a quick update about these attacks.

Based on our stats, since the vulnerability has gone public, roughly 0.2% of users worldwide may have been exposed to websites containing exploits of this latest vulnerability. That percentage may seem low, however it still means that a significant number of users have been affected.

We will be pushing out the patch for this issue on our regular schedule unless we receive further information that this vulnerability has spread to additional locations.

Please surf with caution, always.



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