Monday, December 29, 2008

Looking Forward to 2009

I used to post positive news notes in the invoice cover letter. I got a lot of comments on those...all positive. In the darkest days it is nice to find the silver lining. Media loves to sensationalize and right now there's nothing they like to talk about more than the demise of manufacturing and the collapse of the American economy. You wouldn't know it from listening to the news but there are good things happening in Michigan. In fact we've even been named State of the Year! Where's the media coverage?

So in keeping with my tradition of looking on the bright side, I went out in search of good business news. If you need a pick me up, as you look to the new year, try these articles:

GM may be talking a lot about their electric vehicle but Ford's Fusion hybrid is ready for spring production and with second generation technology. Ford hybrid expected to get 41 city m.p.g. 

Electric Car Battery Production Coming to Michigan? New Tax Incentives Approved During Lame Duck Session Could Make it a Reality.

Start-up lightweight hybrid bus manufacturer, Fisher Coachworks, will invest $7 million in three Michigan-based manufacturing facilities and create more than 500 Michigan-based jobs.

S3 creates $10 million financing fund for film. The money can be used for a broad range of needs, such as renting film equipment. S3 supplies numerous production services and equipment to filmmakers. It has worked on a number of major films shot locally, such as Gran Torino, The Butterfly Effect 3, Whip It! and Youth in Revolt.

Global Wind Systems is getting a $32.3 million start in Michigan, a five-year investment that positions the wind turbine system manufacturer to be one of the state’s leading alternative energy manufacturers.

The company that is now Great Lakes Recycling completely reinvented itself a little more than two years ago. Since then the Roseville-based firm, which traces its roots all the way back to 1927, has added about 100 people to its payroll and taken on two new facilities.

Amy's note: Great Lakes Recycling holds a special place in my heart. Back in the mid-1970's I didn't have a paper route, I had a newspaper recycling route! I collected newspapers until there was enough to fill my mothers HUGE Cadillac trunk and then she would drive me up to Great Lakes in Roseville, from Harrison Twp. to cash them in. I'm really glad to see them still doing well.

Business Facilities, a corporate site-selection magazine, named Michigan the 2008 State of the Year for its development projects. The dovetailing of 10,000 new jobs and nearly $14 billion in corporate investment leads to a blowout victory for Michigan, our 2008 State of the Year.

Happy New Year to everyone!



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