Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Alert: Adobe Flash Infection

Please be aware that an Adobe Flash exploit is spreading like wildfire over the Internet today. Already it is known that 20,000 websites are infected. It infects websites that use Flash and when you view those websites it infects your computer too. If the exploit fails to take hold then a denial of service condition will result. Denial of service occurs when your Internet connection gets flooded with junk requests and becomes too busy to respond to legitimate requests.

What do you do? Use the Internet as little as possible for the next several days. In particular avoid websites with fancy photos, moving pictures and games. This will give anti-virus manufacturers, adobe and website owners time to control the infection. As we notice Flash installed on your computers, we will be uninstalled it.

See my previous blog post from March 26th, titled Angry Mob Installs Software on your Network, for my tirade against Adobe, Google and Java for installing software that is not needed, not secure and simply puts you at risk for events like this. If they had not forced this software on unsuspecting computer users, then we would not have this problem today. Yes, I'm angry at Adobe.



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