Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Deal on SBS 2008 Upgrade until June 27th

By now everyone has heard us mention the benefits of purchasing Software Assurance. Doing so can save you loads of money and level out your spending on purchases, so you don't have those unexpected peaks. Unfortunately we still only have a handful of you on the program. If you are not yet, then now is the time to join up and save some major dollars on your SBS 2008 upgrade even if you aren't going to actually do the upgrade right away.

Here's why. In my example I'll use a company with 10 people and we'll assume full retail pricing.

Windows Small Business Server 2008 Premium Edition software, including five CALs, $1,899 (U.S.); additional CALs $189 each (U.S.)

So for a 10 person company the cost will be $2844. We also know that the new version will not include ISA, Outlook and Frontpage. It will include a second license of Windows 2008 server, however. So at a minimum you will also need to purchase a firewall. A decent firewall to replace your current one is going to run about $1000. This makes the total cost $3844.

Between now and June 27th, Microsoft has some rebates happening if you buy your upgrade and software assurance now.

The current upgrade would be to SBS 2003 R2, however we would leave this in the box and never install it. The point to purchasing the upgrade is to get into the software assurance program.

Here's how this strategy can save you money:

SBS 2003 R2 with Software Assurance is $2843. With software assurance you will get SBS 2008, plus "make good" software for everything that was lost when you upgraded, 2 free support incidents and any upgrade that come out in the next 3 years. The "make good" software will be ISA (your firewall), Outlook 2007 and Sharepoint Designer.

Already we've saved $1000 by not having to purchase a firewall.

Enter the rebates, if you make this purchase before June 27th, there are a total of $650 in rebates.

The math:

Purchase the upgrade now with software assurance $2843 - no need to purchase a firewall $1000 + rebates $650. Total savings of $1650.

This is the simple view. There are additional benefits that accrue to you as software assurance subscribers that one could argue add to your savings like the 2 support incidents ($245 each), online training opportunities, evaluation software and free upgrades for the next 3 years, but the above is the easiest part to understand. We don't have to upgrade now but it makes sense to make the purchase now and plan to upgrade when the newest version is released late this fall.

Scott will be coming around to talk with each of you about this program. We feel it's that important. I want to make sure that everyone understands the opportunity that exists at this moment to save money. Don't forget the drop dead date of June 27th, that's when the rebates expire and your cost for upgrade goes up by $1650.

If you are ready to buy in now and don't need to sit down with Scott to ask questions and talk it over, then just send us a go email and we'll get your upgrade purchase underway. Remember we're not asking you to do an upgrade right now. Just make the purchase wait for the new version to come out later this year and then we'll talk about when to install, making sure it fits your budget and your business busy season cycle.



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