Friday, January 11, 2008

Coming in February: New Options for Invoice Detail

Starting in February all clients will be able to directly access our ticket tracking system. This is the software that we use to keep track of what was done for you, when and how much time it took.

Our technicians write down everything that they do for you, so we have a full accounting. This helps me keep track of what is going on with all of our clients. So you're going to see into the inner workings; the behind the scenes stuff. It might be a little bit like trying to drink from a firehouse, because we keep track of everything. Called Jim about Sue about that...Researched this...posted to newsgroup about that...attended meeting on this...tested software for...tried to recreate the problem on my computer... but it's from this information that our invoices are derived and the reports the system spits out at the end of the month are what make up the text on your invoice currently.

Customers have asked to see the detail behind that line item on the invoice. So in February you will all be receiving a login ID and password to the system. All of the detail will be available to you. In addition you can create tickets and update any open tickets.

I'll have all of the details for you in February.




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