Monday, September 24, 2007

Backup Revolution in Progress

A Backup Revolution? Yes. Tapes are dead.

When it's time to replace your tape drive you won't. By then operating systems won't support them any longer. The revolution is happening now but will hit full force in February when Windows 2008 releases. Replacing tape is a challenge. But the new products being released are very exciting. We won't be talking about simply backing up data anymore but rather about business continuity. The new solution will offer all sorts of benefits that weren't even thinkable last year.

  • Near Continuous Backup - every 15 minutes data is backed up
  • Infinite Restoration periods - Need a file that was deleted 6 months ago?
  • Dramatically Reduced Recovery Time - Currently it's 24-48 hours to restore a full server providing there are no hardware problems. Now, it's going to be 1-2 hours.
  • Dramatically decreased backup support costs - Fees are fixed. If the repairs can be made remotely (which anything but a hardware replace can) then there is no additional charge.
  • Temporary Server included - data can't be restored? Server is waiting for hardware replacement? No problem, the backup device acts as a temporary server and you continue to work as normal.

It's a backup revolution. We're calling it Business Continuity and Backup Solution.


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