Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Are Small Businesses Frugal?

It is said that small businesses are more frugal than larger ones. In a quick 1 question survey Warillow Group determined that it's true. They asked small business owners, like you and me..."I like to keep my car for at least 5 years before buying a new one" On a scale of 1-5 how strongly to you agree with this statement? The graph below shows the result broken out by the size of company that person owns.
So what does it all mean? If you have 5 or fewer employees you need to start spending on yourself? Or that the smaller the company you run the more frugal you have to be?

Let's see. At Harbor Computer Services, we have 5 employees. My little Insight is 5 years old (and still the hottest thing on the road) and I don't plan on trading it in anytime soon. Hmmm.

Amy Babinchak


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