Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Special instructions for emergency support July 2 - July 6

Special Instructions For Emergency Support July 2 - July 6

With Independence Day falling mid-week next week we will have very light staff from July 2nd - July 6th. We will have only 1 person on-call at a time next week and will be performing emergency only service during this time. Regular service calls will be held until your technician has returned from their holiday break.

During the week of July 2 - July 6, if you have a dire emergency please call the main office phone number. You will be required to leave a message but this voicemail message will automatically be redirected to the technician on-call that day and he/she will return your call promptly. All non-emergency issues should be sent via email to your regular technician.

Office Phone Number (248) 546-6056

Thank you for your cooperation and have a fun and safe holiday!

Amy Babinchak
Harbor Computer Services


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