Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Windows Home Server Released

Windows Home Server was released today. This is a new server and I've been watching its develop and participating in development reviews on it for over a year. Although it's not in any way a business product I've been interested in it because I think it will be of great benefit to those of you with more than 1 computer at home. Now that I'm released from my NDA with Microsoft for this product I can finally tell you about some of the things it can do for you.

1. Backup: The server can backup an image of all of the PC's attached to it. If they are asleep it wakes them up to start the backup. You can also restore the whole PC back to the way it was before the last backup. (read before your son installed that virus laden pirated copy of Age of Empires)
2. File Storage: The server will come with a certain amount of hard drive space, which you will eventually fill. New technology only available in this server allows you to plug in any type of drive and it will automatically extend your available storage space. In addition it keeps two copies of every file so if someone deletes an important photo, you can get it back.
3. Remote Access: If any of the PC's at home are running business edition of Vista, then you will be able to access that PC remotely from anywhere over the Internet.
4. A Website: Need a place to display photos? Post them on your own family website hosted right on your home server.

You purchase this server as an appliance. Which means it will come preinstalled and ready just plug in and go. It won't have a keyboard, mouse of monitor. It's just a blackbox like your DVD player, which you manage via an internal website. I'm not sure who all of the manufactures will be but I have seen the one from Hewlett Packard. You can bet any reputable computer manufacture will product a good Home Server.

Look for them to hit the market in the next couple of months.


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