Monday, March 05, 2007

Amy: On the Road

I'll be out of the office for 10 days this month attending training sessions and conferences from March 8th - 18th.

For much of the time I'll be in Redmond at Microsoft. The first couple of days I'm attending a Deep Dive on Centro and Cougar. Cougar is the not-so-secret code name for SBS 2008 and Centro is the not-so-secret code name for a new 3 server suite for advanced small businesses and medium business. Harbor Computer Services is involved in the beta for both of these products and we've been given the opportunity to shape the future of these products.

Following the Deep Dive I'll be attending the MVP Summit. Once every 2 years Microsoft brings together its MVP's for an in-depth 4 day training, road map check and big thank you. My MVP award from Microsoft is in ISA server so I'll be flooded with information about upcoming security improvements, products and requests for my input on what is really happening with real clients. It's a chance for Microsoft developers and managers to hear from us directly and find out how the products are performing in the real world.

Then I'm headed to Los Angelos when I'm presenting at the SMB Summit on ISA and small business security in general to my peers.

Upon my return I'm booked the folllowing day as one of 6 select IT firms to present and have a table at the MS Small Business Conference. That one is taking place on the Internet and in person in Walled Lake.

You'll be in good hands while I'm away: Ted, Diana, Keith and Missy will be on the job. I'll also have access to Internet and Email at least a couple of times a day so feel free to contact me. Just know my response will be a little bit slower than usual.

Amy Babinchak
Harbor Computer Services


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