Monday, February 05, 2007

Phishing for Cheap Office 2007 and Vista

Lately we've been seeing a lot of scam spam around the recently released Microsoft Office 2007 and Windows Vista. You'll recognize it by the subject line "Ready for Download". The email then does a decent job describing the new features (incorrectly but it sounds good none the less) and makes you an amazing offer.

"Upgrade from your current edition of Microsoft Windows XP or Windows 2000 (including Windows XP Professional, Windows XP Home, Windows XP Media Center, Windows XP Tablet PC, Windows XP Professional x64, Windows 2000) Windows Vista Business Upgrade (DVD-ROM) Retail Price $299.00 Our Price $79.95 You save $219.05"

Wow, you can save $219.05 per copy of Vista! Everyone else must be ripping us off! The Internet is a wonderful invention! What a deal! Almost seems too good to be true! Wait, it is too good to be true. First you have to know that the margin on hardware and software is so slim that there's very little variation in price anywhere ever.

When you click on the link given in the email to purchase the software you are first taken to a website with the text of the email you just clicked. You are then asked to click another link that takes you to wwwDotpozdravloemDotcom. The website looks good.

At this point there are one of two things or maybe both happening. You can purchase and download a pirated copy of the software. They'll take your credit card information and sell it, along with your ID.

Not only do you have pirated software that may or may not work. Your credit card has been "stolen". And to make matters worse if caught with illegal software the fine is up to $150,000 per copy you've installed. This is definately not a bargain.

If it's looks too good to be true, it is. Computer software and hardware never hits the bargain racks. They will never be on sale for 70% off today only. The margin just isn't there. If they are offering you a price that is too good to be true there's a reason for it and you're the one that will get stuck holding the bag.


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