Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Small Business Tech Notes

Small Business Tech Notes

In a strange twist of events, Microsoft has given CompUSA an exclusive deal on Vista licensing. For the next 2 months, CompUSA will be the only place that you can purchase 5 packs of Vista licensing. The licensing 5 packs are small business bundles. The bundles will be available everywhere in late January.

I'm wondering how CompUSA managed to land this deal. Microsoft has snubbed it's small business partners in favor of CompUSA. They've even snubbed BestBuy which does more sales to small business than any other single company.

Our recommendation on Vista is to not go out and purchase it. Not because we don't like CompUSA. It's because running Vista on almost any current hardware is going to be difficult, if not impossible. Our recommendation is to get Vista as you purchase new PC's and to not upgrade your existing computers to Vista. It's our belief that this will result in a more stable and trouble-free installation.

If you'd like to see Vista in person. Catch me after next week. I'll be loading Vista and Office 2007 on my laptop between now and then.



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