Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Time Change: Non-Critical Projects on Hold

As you know new Time Zones have been issued for the United States due to a change in Daylight Saving Time. All the gruesome details were in our newsletter so I won't repeat them here but I did want to inform you that because of all of the changes we have to make to servers, workstations and applications that all non-critical projects are being placed on hold. Because an error on a single machine can prevent the new time zones from installing correctly on the whole network, the amount of troubleshooting time is so significant that there is simply not enough time to allocate to any non-critical projects.

In addition, as a fail safe, I'd recommend that when scheduling appointments using Outlook Calendar, Exchange Public Calendar, or Sharepoint (Companyweb) Calendar between March 11th and April 1st, that you add the time of the appointment to the Subject line. For Example, instead of:

Subject: Accountant Meeting

You would enter:

Subject: Accountant Meeting 10:00am

This way by comparing the appointment time on the calendar with the appointment time listed in the subject line, you'll be able to verify that your time zone is set correctly. If someone you are sending an appointment to, does not have their time zone setup correctly, they will be able to verify the correct appointment time by looking at your subject line. Hopefully people sending you appointments will do the same so you'll be able to verify the time with them as well.


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