Monday, September 25, 2006

Lacerte not supporting Vista for 2006 tax season

American tax prep program (Owned by Intuit)will not support Windows Vista this tax season.

"Just a FYI, Lacerte announced that they will not support MS Vista for Tax Year 2006. See link below:

We typically "lock down" our systems before the end of this year for the tax season. Vista would have been a stretch to implement before tax season, but this announcement will delay our implementation until November 2007"

Why? Windows Vista enforces the security improvements introduced and made optional in Windows XP. Software manufacturers have had 5+ years to get ready for Vista but many have waited until the last minute because complying with modern security rules means fixing up code written years ago and that isn't an easy task. Vista also introduces some new security options. So expect to see more software manufacturers having to admit that they aren't ready to run in a secure computing environment.


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