Wednesday, September 06, 2006

SMBNation Conference this Week

Tomorrow I leave for the annual SMBNation conference at the Microsoft Conference Center in Redmond. I'll be there learning how to grow my business and become technically better adept.

The Art of Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) in SMB
Phone In! Backup! Build Out! - Virtual Server Scenarios for SMB Networks
Trade Secrets Revealed: Profit leaders follow these six strategies
Life, the Universe and Everything You Want to Know about Strong Authentication for Small Business
Creating Predictable Revenue With Strategic Sales Management
Communication Combination: Exchange Server 2003 SP2 and Mobility
People Networking – Networking Up, Down and Sideways
E-myth Panel = One To Many - Growing Beyond Yourself

And that's just a sampling of day one. This is the reason why we throw our hat in with Microsoft. They are the only company that understands that those of us out here using and installing the software will make more money for them if we are successful! No other software manufacturer gives a hoot about our company or yours. They are just selling software and trying to get out of supporting it as much as possible. Ouch, did I really type that? It seems to me that it's true. This is the secret sauce that Microsoft has that other companies don't.

In the coming months I'll be pointing out events, online training opportunities, online conferences that are available to help you learn to use software better and gain some buisness accumen as well. All without travel or having to fork out huge sums. Sometimes it's good to go to these things just to hear wihat others are doing. You never know when you'll pick up something that turns into the next great growth generator for your business. I'm hoping to pick up one or two of those ideas for my business.

I'm back to work on Tuesday, so I'll let you know how it went then.

Amy Babinchak
Harbor Computer Services


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