Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Getting More Value from Your Server

All of our clients with an SBS 2003 or a Windows 2003 server have access to an under used feature called SharePoint. SharePoint is a website that resides on your server but is only available inside the office and is not available to the public. It's a website like no other in that you don't have to have any programming skills to put documents into it. It works wonderfully as a repository for documents, links, contact lists, calendars and the like. I've done some designing of ours. Now I'm no artist so its not really pretty; it's functional and that's really what these sites are for. They are designed to add functionality and improve the ease with which you can track, store and make information available to your employees. One of the more commmon uses of SharePoint is to provide easy access to human resource documents. Employee handbook, company policies, insurance documents, can all be linked and viewed right from the employees computer. Another common use is the publishing of document templates. Having your document templates one or two clicks of the mouse away makes it more likely your employees will use the form.

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I've opened up our SharePoint for your viewing. By visiting you can have a look at our SharePoint site. When prompted for your username and password enter client for the username and HCSclient for the password. Maybe you'll get some ideas of how this technology can benefit your company. Remember you already own this technology so there's nothing to buy you'll only need to invest some time in getting it organized the way you want it.

Some of you might have trouble access the site. If so, let us know. We'll have to make an opening in your firewall so you'll be able to view it. We're also available on-site or remotely to give you a personal tour of the site and discuss the potential use it might have in your company.


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