Friday, August 14, 2009

Search Engine Ranking

There are new ways in which search engines are ranking their results. One of these is by the number of reviews that readers have posted. I thought that we should give this a try. We can then report the results to you and if they are good, you can do the same with your customers and we’ll all move up the list.

So if you would, please post a short review of our work to Google. Here is the link:

Looks like it requires you to have an account with Google.

The interesting part about this new method of ranking is that every site has their own review area, as does LinkedIn and Microsoft. So in order to be ranked high enough to matter everywhere we would end up asking our clients to rank us in at least 4 different locations. Seems like way too much to ask. We are not going to do that. But I will keep an eye on this developing trend and see how it plays out.



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