Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Add Video Content to Your Website, not YouTube

This morning Warrillow has a very interesting post about video. Market research shows that business customers trust the video on your website more than video on YouTube. In fact, they’ll watch it 21% more often. Fortunately posting video to your website isn’t difficult. In fact, YouTube makes it easy by embedding the video onto your website. This means, it’s on YouTube but viewed from your corporate website and you get 21% more exposure for the video. Here’s the article:

Aided by the widespread adoption of high-speed internet access, online video has stampeded its way into American culture. YouTube is at the forefront of this rush with more than 78 million unique visitors last month (source: https://livearchive.exchangedefender.com/redir.aspx?C=1c231bdc787f4ca0825316b09a8a2dc4&URL=http%3a%2f%2frs6.net%2ftn.jsp%3fet%3d1102646284211%26s%3d4823%26e%3d001AaQ9OY5QCr6rZyNavpP5FAJiX7SQSx9fvFloRfC2X7DqK71PBaC3JnaU39foE30RC3X5ah76ZK-Od55_3XoZ9AdloD0QTBuCmRQGPNsJ5K4%3d). The online video phenomena has not skipped the small business market; entrepreneurs are consuming video and specifically for business purposes. But in the small business market, YouTube is stuck riding shotgun to an unexpected forerunner: your website. Warrillow research shows that while over half of small business owners visit YouTube for business videos, corporate websites are the preferred destination for online video.

While consumers rarely consider corporate websites for their recreational video surfing, business owners see your site as a source of credibility. Here are three reasons your website is a better bet for online video in the short term:

  1. Exposure: Sites like YouTube enjoy a huge amount of visitor traffic, but the vast majority of it is consumer. From a browsing perspective, your content will be lost in the sea of videos.
  2. Spread: Online video still tends to spread on a person-to-person basis through networks and via linking. If this is the case, wouldn't you rather a customer pass on a link to your website than to YouTube?
  3. Control: Similar to social networks, there is still risk in search returns on video aggregation sites. You have a great deal more control over what content is going to be positioned above and below your video on your own website.

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