Thursday, July 09, 2009

Understanding Social Networking

I’m thinking about doing a short webinar on social networking. From talking to people that have attended a conference session, chamber of commerce event or webinar on this topic I’m hearing that the audience left confused or unclear about why they should care about social networking for their business.

I do quite a bit of webinars (usually 3-4 a month), speak at some conferences (usually 2-3 a year) and I spend a lot of my day every day chatting with business owners that happen to my clients. In my other business I spend time helping other IT consultants get through sticky problems, or define the problem and connect them to a member of my staff and I promote both businesses heavily using social networking.

So I thought I would give a stab at explaining social networking (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, blogging and old fashion mailing lists) to you, if you are interested. It really is changing the way that business is done. But maybe more importantly it’s changing the way that your future employees expect to work and do business. The line between personal and professional has been completely blurred with the personal taking precedence. It may seem counter intuitive but social networking over the Internet is making business personal. And it may even be breaking down the networking of old that took place at club, the golf course and in the fraternity/sorority. The playing field seems to be leveling.

Let me know if you are interested and if I get a few responses, I’ll put it together.  Replies should be posted to the blog:



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