Friday, September 19, 2008

Text Your Tech; Exchange Defender Lunch & Learn Date and Time

First, let me apologize for leaving off the date and time for the Exchange Defender Lunch & Learn in the previous post. I guess I got so wrapped up writing up what we're going to cover that I forgot to say when we're going to do it! It's going to be Wednesday at Noon.

Here's link to the corrected blog post with the Live Meeting link, date, time and conference call information.

Text Your Tech

Yesterday we added text capability to our cell phones. Now all of our technicians have the ability to send and receive text messages. Just send your message to their cell phone number and you'll get a response.

Although text is tracked and recorded it is not a good replacement for email and especially not for our support portal. These are the only ways to make sure your request is received and acted upon. Text is more of an ad-hoc medium. Good for a quick note but not much else. But if you need to send that quick note and it's not critical that it gets there (text has a very high non-delivery rate) the capability is there. 

With all of this new technology, we also had a discussion about etiquette. When we're on-site, we're not to respond to text messages from another client; not to respond to email from another client; not to take phone calls from another client. When we're on-site you have our undivided attention. 



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