Monday, August 04, 2008

Internet Usage Policy

Last week I posted my frustration at spending my staff time and your dollars on cleaning computers. We'd much rather spend our time helping your business thrive, not just tread water. IT resources are such an significant investment, as a business owner, it just kills me to see the investment abused. Your IT infrastructure should be making your company money. Everything about it should add value to your bottom line by streamlining processes and making your employees the top productivity performers in your industry. That's why I love this business.

Following the post I received some excellent and surprising comments. I had two employees, from different companies, tell me that they are working the first job they have ever had that didn't make them sign an Internet Use Policy. They weren't happy about it either. They were a little bit upset because they see the wasted time caused by playing around on the Internet. I had one employer, express frustration about not being able to monitor what's going on. (we can help with that) Another asked me for a solution. Most importantly a client wrote me to say this message should come from the business owner to employees and then went further and offered to share an Internet Usage Policy with all of you!  

I have uploaded this Internet Usage Policy for you to access and make your own. I want to put out a big THANK YOU, to Leadership Oakland for agreeing to share this with everyone. It's this kind of sharing that makes small business fun to work for. If you are not already acquainted with Leadership Oakland's programs you should check them out.

Here's the link to the policy:



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