Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Quickbooks Referral Program

We've finished the transition to Quickbooks as our merchant account processor. This means that our credit card processing is finally integrated with the accounting program and man is it a lot easier. I'm also hoping that they will be better about putting through the detail for what the charge is. I have been frustrated that I enter "off-site backup - July" in the description and comments section and it doesn't show up on your bill that way.

Now that we've completed this transition Quickbooks sent us a referral offer for all of you. The offer they have for you is No Set-Up Fee, No Application Fee and No Service Fee for 2 months. It works out to a $95 savings.

If you want to take advantage of this offer, call them at 800-601-3751, tell them Harbor Computer Services sent you and our phone number is 248-850-8616. It will save you $95 right off the bat and probably a little money every month from the lower fees. If you find that you are paying lower or matching fees than what they offer you, drag your feet a little and they'll lower their fee. (It worked for me)


Finally an FYI, to let you know that Missy is back on the trail as the office build-out is nearly complete. It's looking great. She's the master of plaster but we desperately need her back in the office. So what ever went wrong with the books, it was my fault and she's the unlucky cleanup crew. :)



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