Monday, July 14, 2008

Live Archive...New Feature

For those clients that are using Exchange Defender for anti-spam and email redundancy, there's a new feature. Live Archive, the webmail account, will now include a history of your outbound email.

So now when you log into your account you will not only have a copy of your mailbox with the ability to send and receive email while your server or Internet is down, you can also view sent items. This brings Live Archive closer to being a full redundant solution.

It's nice to have the history of what was sent out. Not only to help you remember where you left off before the server, power or Internet problem, but it's also a nice archive to have when an employee leaves the company. Many times we've seen employees leave and delete email or send email off to another email system. This enhancement will help business recover and/or investigate these occurrences.

Further enhancements to the Live Archive service will continue to be released over the next several months.



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