Thursday, September 08, 2005

Instant Messaging

In the previous blog post I noted that I was a dinosaur. Well no more! I've joined the IM crowd. I've signed up using my usual email address into Windows Messaging. You can now instant message me at If you haven't used the Windows Messaging IM client before you'll find it down by the time on your computer. It looks like a claymation figure and will walk you through creating your IM connection.

As a side bonus, remote computer assistance sessions can be launched from within Windows Messenger. Theoretically this means that you can IM me with a problem. I can offer assistance from with Windows Messenger to you, you accept and now I can see your computers' desktop and take care of the issue.

The only snag in this whole thing it that you can only IM me if I'm sitting at my computer or my laptop. Fortunately the IM client will let you know if I'm there or not before you try to message me.


At 12:10 PM, Blogger Eric said...

Check in the options. You can allow a away notice which puts a clock on the person icon if gone for x amount of minutes. You can also install MSN Messenger if you like for more functionability and still use Remote Assisitance so long as you do not use the secret un-install for Windows Messenger. If you have not seen MSN Messenger since 6.x. I suggest looking at the new 7.5. Do not buy any premium content. I know of no known way of backing them up. Us beta testers thought we found a way, but it does not work.


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