Friday, February 25, 2005

Microsoft Wants to Visit You

Small Business Tech Notes

Microsoft will be in town for a big Partner Training event on March 23rd. While the big wigs are in town they'd like to visit with companies that are using Small Business Server. They don't often get out of Redmond and into the real world so this is our chance to show them how these networks are performing in the real world. This is a rare opportunity for us to tell Microsoft face to face what we like about the product and what things we'd like changed about it. They are particularily interested in your feedback, whether you are a new SBS user or a company that has been using SBS for a long time. It's also a great opportunity for you to show off your computer network. They are looking to visit with any size and a variety of industries.

They'll just be discussing functionality and ease of use and not looking a licensing so there is nothing to worry about. They won't actually be looking at the server itself but just checking out our network configuration, talking to you about how it integrates with your other servers, printers and applications and in general gathering feedback from you.

I'd like to submit several of you for this opportunity but I'm looking for volunteers. So if you wouldn't mind having Microsoft come and visit your office let me know and I'll submit the information to them.


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