Friday, June 17, 2005

A Cool Web Thing: Google Alerts

Sorry for the repeat post, the first one got cut short!

I've discovered a cool new web tool. It's called Google Alerts. Google Alerts will send you a daily email listing new items on the web that match the keywords that you entered. I'm currently using Google Alerts to track when someone references my ISA Server blog. Every day I now get an email that with a link or two in it and a little summary.

For example here is my Google Alert from this morning:

... I'm stealing some comments from Amy

The Alert includes the text where your keyword is referenced and also a link to the location on the web. This is a result of creating a Google Alert using the keyword isainsbs, which is the name of my blog. I usually get one or two items in my alert each day.

You may wish to use this new tool to keep track of what's being said about your company. You can create an alert using the keyword of your company name. Then, when your company is mentioned anywhere on the Intenet, you'll know about it. The sky's the limit. You can create as many Google Alerts as you wish.


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