Sunday, October 17, 2004

New Search Engine for Outlook

If you've ever used the search tool in Outlook you're familiar with it's limitations. The native tool only searches one folder at a time and it is SSLLOOOWWW. There is an alternative and it's name is LookOut.

LookOut is so good that it was recently purchased by Microsoft and will find it's way into Outlook with the next version but fortunately you don't have to wait that long to start using it. LookOut indexes everything in your mailbox including, contacts, sent items, deleted items and even public folders. Once created the index is updated automatically. Because of this index searches are instantaneous. For example, a search through my 191 folders for references to Midwest Security, my health insurance provider, turned up 13 items, scattered about in 5 different locations in 2.1 seconds.

In addition to mailbox folders you can also have LookOut index your My Documents folder. LookOut is an incredible personal search engine.

If you'd like to install it now you can. Go to You'll notice that when you download it comes directly from Microsoft.



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