Tuesday, November 17, 2009

New Backup Option

Over the summer several of our clients helped us beta test a revolutionary backup system. Through their feedback and our experience with the product, we helped the development team at Symform fine tune, debug and add some new features to make it the best off-site backup solution. I really appreciated the assistance of everyone that stood up and participated with us. Software companies want to make great software and it’s participation that makes it happen. Thanks to all of you our input can definitely be seen on the final product.
It’s ready for prime time.
Symform has officially released the product and as predicted it is making waves through the backup community. It’s not often a disruptive technology comes along, but Symform has managed to create one and they have turned the world of off-site backup on its head.
I’m going to plan a webinar, maybe 30 minutes long, with the details of how this backup system works. But here’s the bottom line:
Your server stores your data in a RAID5 redundancy or maybe a mirror. This backup system stores it off-site in RAID96. The data is encrypted and stored across this vast array of drives geographically distant from one another. It’s the most secure and redundant system I’ve ever seen. (I need to stop gushing because I’m starting to sound like a ShamWow infomercial.)
But I’m really excited because we’ve never had a good off-site backup solution that didn’t get horribly expensive really fast.
Servers $50 per month unlimited amount of data.
Workstations $8 per month unlimited amount of data.
You also need 1 or 2 external Sata drives in the office to hold the data being sent off-site and to contribute to storage. Whether you need 1 or 2 will depend on the amount of backup data.
We’re ready to setup anyone that is interested. It only take about 15 minutes.

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