Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Virus (worm actuallyZ) alert

This virus, dubbed my wife, is distributed in the usual way through email with an attachment. What makes this one unusual is that it is designed to destroy data and it has networking capability. It can cross from an infected PC to the server and destroy data there.

"On systems that are infected by Win32/Mywife@E.mm, the malware is intended to permanently corrupt a number of common document format files on the third day of every month. February 3, 2006 is the first time this malware is expected to permanently corrupt the content of specific document format files. The malware also modifies or deletes files and registry keys associated with certain computer security-related applications. This prevents these applications from running when Windows starts."

You protect yourself by having up to date anti-virus software on all workstations and having a good backup of your data. Ted will be checking both at the server. Please check your PC for current anti-virus definitions. If you find that they are out of data click to run "live update" if you are running Symantec, or "update now" if you are running Trend.


Amy Babinchak
Harbor Computer Services


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