Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Exchange Defender has New Features

If you are using our Exchange Defender service you should be aware of the standard feature set. However new features have been added that you may not have heard about yet and you may have forgotten about some of very useful things it can do now.

Old Features Reminder

  • Live Archive: Live Archive is your ability to access your email live at anytime from anywhere when your server is down, your office has no power or no Internet. Just go home, or over to Panera and login into the service.
  • Flexible Spam Reports: Set the time of day you want to receive your spam quarantine report, or have it delivered multiple times each day.
  • Spam quarantine Outlook integration: Install a toolbar in Outlook, click it to view your spam quarantine anytime on demand.
  • Pop-up spam alert: Get an instant alert pop-up in your system tray that a message has been quarantined, click it to view. Note, use cautiously this can be very annoying.
  • Unlimited email aliases at no cost: If you receive email to dave, david, accounting and taxes, you still only pay for one anti-spam account.
  • Anti-Virus and Anti-Phishing: Incoming and outgoing email are scanned for both virus and phishing attempts before delivery.
  • Attachment Scanning: Attachments are scanned before delivery and identified for alien content.
  • Disclaimer: A disclaimer can be stamped to the bottom of every outgoing message. No need to configure Outlook or depend on signatures.

Lots of New Features

  • Web Filtering: Central management of web filters by category. Agent based so even roaming laptops remain protected and their users productive.
  • File Transfer: Need to send a file to someone that is too big for their email system? Consider it done. Simple, no FTP server required. Data transfer is encrypted too. Have a standard document that you often need to send? Save it to your file library for easy access.
  • Policy Based Email Encryption: Policies can be set so that email sent to particular addresses will always be sent as encrypted email. Required for certain compliance.
  • On-Demand Email Encryption: You can send an encrypted email to anyone right now. Just specify it in the subject line and the mail will be securely delivered to them. Required for certain compliance.
  • Spam Quarantine Report Improvements: Hover over an email in the spam report and see a snap shot of what is in that email without requesting delivery. Is it what you think it is? Do you need it delivered? Find out before releasing it.

Our staff can show you how to use these features. They are all very simple. The policy based features we will configure for you after determining your needs. I will be doing a webinar soon to demonstrate each feature.

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